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Legno – Service LLC Bihać is a synonymous name for quality products and services at competitive prices. Besides well developed and structured production process, we also employ transportation network that guarantees timely delivery to any desired location. Due to high quality of products and well coordinated system of operations, we are able to fulfill all the requirements set by our clients. One thing that sets us apart from other companies is the fact that besides all current products we are offering, we also welcome any initiative by our clients to develop new products and extend our current offer, and we include all our capacities into process of development of new products.

Our production process starts at careful selection of timber according to quality and purpose. One part is separated to be cut and turned into construction material, and part of it is dried for furniture elements and panels, while the other part is chopped for firewood and kindling. All waste that comes from these processes is further used as raw material for grill charcoal, briquettes and pellets. All aspects of our production are fully in accordance with strict rules concerning protection of natural environment, which was awarded with recognition of all our products under the prestigious FSC certificate. When you do business with us, you directly take part in protection of environment and its resources.